Chiller - CWS MODUL

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Climma’ CWS MODUL systems are the perfect solution for air-conditioning on yachts from 60 footers to super yachts of 50 meters and up.  A modular system built in stainless steel framed housings incorporating the condensers and manifolds for both the sea water and fresh water circuits ensuring the Climma CWS is the most compact solution available.

Climma’s unique microprocessor, within the CWS centralized control box, monitors and checks all the key parameters of the system using Modbus interface protocol to maximize the performance and reliability of the system. All CWS MODUL are also available with inverter drivers. Climma’s unique water cooled inverters completely remove the start current and reduce the power consumption of the CWS units by up to 30%.

Both the sea water condensers and the associated sea water circuit and manifolds are made in marine-grade cupronickel for maximum resistance to sea water corrosion. The fresh water circuit is made in copper and stainless steel and each single compressor is supported on anti-vibration mounts within the stainless steel framed housing. 
The modular design means that the Climma CWS MODUL is extremely reliable with redundancy built in to the design. Each compressor is completely independent and can be bypassed from the system, if necessary; it can even be physically removed for maintenance, leaving the rest of the system working perfectly and the on-board comfort running to the same high standard. Equally, if necessary, additional modules can be added to an existing system to give an increased cooling capacity to the overall system.
All the electrical connections are already made, leaving only some basic connections to the final installation. Each single module as well as the overall system is accurately tested as per the highest quality control standards.

Available from 72.000 up to 576.000 BTU/h with options of reverse cycle or cool only, the modular design ensures each CWS system is optimized to the yacht’s exact size providing the highest BTU/h output from the smallest space.
The frames can be joined together to form racks as required and it is also possible to change the sea water circuit positions.  Frames can be painted to match the rest of the equipment in the engine room or machinery space ensuring the system looks as good as it performs; frames can be also covered with insulated panels. CWS MODUL system can be also configured without the frame.

Specifications :

  • Weight: 160 - 780 kg
  • Height: 653 - 704 mm
  • Width: 810 - 2220 mm
  • Cool Mode: 21 - 253 kW